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Friday, February 18, 2011

A Twirly Gift

The daughter of my dear friend just turned 4, and this is one girly little lady!

What could be a better gift for a sweet girly girl than a pink shirt with her initial on it?  Well, the whole gift creation took a couple of tries, but I think that we got it right.

So, my first lesson was not to fire up the embroidery machine at 11:00pm at night, while talking to friends and drinking wine.  The "K" ended up way too low, and slightly off center.  On top of that, I was less than thrilled with the font and its stitching.  So, I chopped the "K" off this shirt (more on that later), and got to work on my spare t-shirt. 

Tip: When emboidering t-shirts, ALWAYS, pick up a spare in the size that you need!

Here is what our final gift looked like.  Cute right?

And we even stitched up a sweet little kitty to match.

Happy Birthday Miss Kate!


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