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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow Days (Part 1)

The Polar Vortex hit Indiana hard last weekend.  This snow loving girl didn't mind at all!  There is nothing prettier than a hike along our river bottom in the snow.  I can remember my parents bundling us up do the same thing when my brother and I were young!

The snow makes for a terrific playground and great pictures!

 A view of the river bottom from our backyard.  Hard to believe that it was totally flooded about a month ago!

 The backyard looking toward the big farm and cattle pasture.

 Henry the bull.

 The back of the family farm.



These pictures were taken when the snow was falling and temperatures were around 32 F.  Once the temps dropped below zero our pups only went outside for about a minute at a time.  The bull got to come inside from the bitter cold to a nice warm stall filled with grain and hay.  We're all looking forward to enjoying the balmy high today of 23!