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Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Weekend at Home

When we lived in Kansas City, Hillbilly and I had the most amazing group of friends.  Without any family of our own out there, they became our support network.  We were so excited to meet up with them at a wedding in Chicago this past weekend, however, with two kids down with fevers it just wasn't in the cards for us to leave town.

So, we put our extra weekend at home to great use.  Freezing more homemade applesauce, bringing an old dresser and my old bed back to our house from the farm, recharging at church, and having a delightful lasagna dinner with friends.

Here is quick picture of the dresser.  With some paint, glue, and elbow grease it will soon be better than new!

This bag set was a custom order for one of my KC friends.  Before popping in the mail to her, I thought that I'd snap a few shots to share.

Cosmo Bag and Small Oragami Bag from Amy Butler's Style Stitches
Fabric by Ty Pennington

This was my first time trying out the Oragami Bag pattern.  I love that it uses two coordinating exterior fabrics.  The pattern has a wide ranges of sizes to choose from, making it perfect for pencil pouches, crafty organizers, or makeup bags.

So, it's been a busy, productive weekend here, and I'm beat.  Time to recharge and so that I can begin my bed and dresser makeover for Miss E Lo's room!

Happy Crafty!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Boiler Up!

We might be a bit nutty about Purdue in my family.  I was brainwashed by my parents at an early age to root for the Boilers, and now I'm passing that tradition on to my children.  My great-grandfather started it all when he became a chemistry professor at Purdue.  My parents met while in college there, and my husband and I were college sweethearts at Purdue.

So, how does a Purdue-crazed family dress during football Saturdays?

It goes something like this.

Lots of silly smiles.  The Bug does a bit better by himself.

Of course I made Evy's adorable Purdue dress!  I really do love black and gold.  And how about these cute polka dot ruffle pants peaking out from her skirt?

It doesn't sound like our team is in for a stellar season, but at least we all look the part!

Boiler Up!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What do I do all day?

"What Do People Do All Day?" is The Bug's favorite book.  My cousin, Joc, introduced him to author Richard Scarry at Christmas, and he his books have since become a staple in our bedtime routine.

I recently decided to leave my part-time sales position to stay at home with my kiddos full-time.  My husband travels a fair bit, and for us, this just provides a much better family balance.  When folks found out that I was leaving my job, I heard this question...a lot!

What will you do all day?

So, here is what I do all day.

Wake of coffee
Feed dogs
Unload dishwasher
Shower, make our bed
Wake kiddos
Dress kiddos (this can be an extensive process)
Feed kiddos
Get kiddos out the door to whatever meeting/activity/school we have that morning
Come home
Pick up kiddos
Put kiddos down for quiet time
Wake kiddos
Make dinner
Bedtime for kids

You see, I am not one to sit idle for long.  I adore that I can spend the day with my children, and steal bits of time pursuing my creative passion.  Hillbilly has always and continues to be so supportive of my little business, and I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to spend my days doing what I love.  

It's a wonderful life.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Bear

While in Michigan this past week we did it.  

We climbed The Bear!
Also known as Sleeping Bear Dunes in Northwest Michigan.

Here is a glimpse of what this giant sand dune looks like as you get ready to climb.  That little teensy tiny speck on top is The Bug.  He scaled it in no time, looking just like a little sand crab.

The Peanut had some help getting to the top.

Once she became accustomed to the height, she discovered this giant pile of sand could be pretty fun!

The views from Glen Lake are breathtaking as you climb.  

And it's every man for himself on the race down!

There is something so special about a day spent with family.  We had so much fun introducing our children to what was always one of our favorite vacation adventures while growing up.  

This year we had 5 little ones in Michigan for our annual Mellon Family Reunion.  They were the 5th generation to enjoy this picture perfect vacation spot.  We are so blessed!