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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Bear

While in Michigan this past week we did it.  

We climbed The Bear!
Also known as Sleeping Bear Dunes in Northwest Michigan.

Here is a glimpse of what this giant sand dune looks like as you get ready to climb.  That little teensy tiny speck on top is The Bug.  He scaled it in no time, looking just like a little sand crab.

The Peanut had some help getting to the top.

Once she became accustomed to the height, she discovered this giant pile of sand could be pretty fun!

The views from Glen Lake are breathtaking as you climb.  

And it's every man for himself on the race down!

There is something so special about a day spent with family.  We had so much fun introducing our children to what was always one of our favorite vacation adventures while growing up.  

This year we had 5 little ones in Michigan for our annual Mellon Family Reunion.  They were the 5th generation to enjoy this picture perfect vacation spot.  We are so blessed!

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