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Thursday, September 15, 2011

What do I do all day?

"What Do People Do All Day?" is The Bug's favorite book.  My cousin, Joc, introduced him to author Richard Scarry at Christmas, and he his books have since become a staple in our bedtime routine.

I recently decided to leave my part-time sales position to stay at home with my kiddos full-time.  My husband travels a fair bit, and for us, this just provides a much better family balance.  When folks found out that I was leaving my job, I heard this question...a lot!

What will you do all day?

So, here is what I do all day.

Wake of coffee
Feed dogs
Unload dishwasher
Shower, make our bed
Wake kiddos
Dress kiddos (this can be an extensive process)
Feed kiddos
Get kiddos out the door to whatever meeting/activity/school we have that morning
Come home
Pick up kiddos
Put kiddos down for quiet time
Wake kiddos
Make dinner
Bedtime for kids

You see, I am not one to sit idle for long.  I adore that I can spend the day with my children, and steal bits of time pursuing my creative passion.  Hillbilly has always and continues to be so supportive of my little business, and I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to spend my days doing what I love.  

It's a wonderful life.

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  1. Amen! I work part-time but for those who have worked full-time, I have heard this question by many. I work harder and longer hours at home than I do at work, but it sure is worth the moments you get to share with your kiddos. I am jealous of the "wake the kids" part of your day though! ;) Have never had to do that!