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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Moving forward!

Do you remember where the name Lois Pearl originated?  Naming my biz after my grandmother and great grandmother should tell you a lot about me.

I LOVE family
I LOVE my hometown
I'm a bit sentimental

Lois Pearl has been so blessed with opportunity this past year.  After a long winter of working from home I realized that I was just too lonely all day!  I will always choose to live in the country, but working out there by myself all day every day was not my style.

This extravert needs more interaction.

Our little town is going through a lot of change.  There is a push to "bring back" downtown Yorktown, IN.  This is my hometown.  There is a gazebo here where my dad used to hang out after school.  There is the family farmhouse where my grandmother (Lois) was born.  There is the old bank building where my great-grandmother (Pearl) used to walk.

And as I type I'm listening to the church bells ring.  The church where I went to preschool, and Hill & I were married.

My studio needs to be in this town.  I need to be a part of this town.

So here's the big announcement.  I've moved out, or up, or on.  It's a great thing.

We've spent countless hours of the last month painting, cleaning, and organizing to get the space ready.  Today I'm finally here.  It feels like my first day at a new job.  Fresh, clean, exciting.  It's making me ever so happy!

Oh, and that bank that my great grandmother used to walk to?  That's where I'm at.  The Bank space!! It even has the coolest old vault inside!

I'll share pics of the finished studio soon.  It's feels a bit empty now, but soon it will be filled with all sorts of pretty things, the sound of humming sewing machines, probably a little country music, and laughter!

I hope that you have a terrific week!  I'm headed out to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, OH for a girls weekend.  I'll be sure to post pics for you next week!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Growing Season: Starting Seeds

We were shopping the home improvement stores last weekend and I found myself sucked in my the seed isle.  The snow has finally melted in our world and spring is here!  That means I'm ready to try my hand at growing something.

When I was growing up I can remember my Dad spontaneously bringing home seed starter kits.  It meant that summer was on it's way.  Green grass, tractors in the field, sunshine!

We picked up a kit, some starter soil, and several seed packets including dill, basil and our favorite little tomatoes.

The Bug had a great time scanning the QR codes on the back of all the packets.

The kiddos had a ball filling each little cell with soil.  They then took turns choosing which seeds to plant.  We had a great time comparing the different shapes and shades of seeds.

After the seeds were planted the kiddos gave them a drink of water.  Now it's their turn to grow!

The kit even comes with a lid that you just pop on.  Instant mini greenhouse!

Update:  We found a sunny spot on my sewing table for our little greenhouse, and after about 7 days our seeds have sprouted.  Now if I can successfully transfer them to the garden in a couple of weeks it might be a miracle!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow Days (Part 1)

The Polar Vortex hit Indiana hard last weekend.  This snow loving girl didn't mind at all!  There is nothing prettier than a hike along our river bottom in the snow.  I can remember my parents bundling us up do the same thing when my brother and I were young!

The snow makes for a terrific playground and great pictures!

 A view of the river bottom from our backyard.  Hard to believe that it was totally flooded about a month ago!

 The backyard looking toward the big farm and cattle pasture.

 Henry the bull.

 The back of the family farm.



These pictures were taken when the snow was falling and temperatures were around 32 F.  Once the temps dropped below zero our pups only went outside for about a minute at a time.  The bull got to come inside from the bitter cold to a nice warm stall filled with grain and hay.  We're all looking forward to enjoying the balmy high today of 23!