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Friday, August 9, 2013

Who is Lois Pearl?

Who's this Lois Pearl lady anyway?

I've been so sporadic about blogging that I'm probably a stranger to anyone reading this.  So, let's get to know one another a bit better.

1.  I live in a small town in Central Indiana.
2.  I can see cattle from my kitchen window.  This makes me ever so happy.
3.  Coffee is my best friend along with my two gray dogs.
4.  If you follow me on Twitter @lois_pearl you'll see lots of pictures of dogs and fabric.
5.  Some of my earliest memories are of watching my mom sew, and of sorting her scraps.
6.  Now while I sew, my little Evy sorts my scraps.
7.  We live "around the corner" from the farm that my family has lived on for 100 years.

8.  If I cook something for you, and you like it, please don't ask me for a recipe.  I probably didn't follow one.
9.  The majority of my sewing patterns were created by me.  I don't like following patterns any more than I like following recipes!
10.  My sewing and furniture refinishing business has taken over our basement, affectionately named "The Sweatshop".
11.  I perfected my sewing skills during my 10 years in 4-H.
12.  Prior to taking on Lois Pearl full time, I sold locally raised beef & pork to restaurants.
13.  I love hiking on the farm with my gray dogs, Miller & Huckleberry.
14.  Both of our dogs are rescues.  In our prior life we fostered both dogs and cats.
15.  Teal is my favorite color of the moment.
16.  Every home that I have lived in has a red front door.
17.  My favorite vacation spot is Frankfort, MI.
18.  I have 4 sewing machines.  The newest addition is a gorgeous antique Singer.
19.  My kiddos are 3 & 5.  The oldest just started Kindergarten in the same classroom where I attended.

20.  My husband is a farm kid too.  We met in college at a cattle show.
21.  We've been married 10 years.
22.  Lois Pearl is named for my grandmother & great-grandmother.  It just has a nice sound to it.
23.  Homemade granola might be the world's most perfect food.
24.  Followed closely by my mom's chicken casserole.
25.  I love organizing things in ROYGBIV (rainbow) order.

Nice to meet you!  If you enjoy pictures of the farm, sewing, and food, than we have a lot in common!  I hope that you'll stop back soon!

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