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Monday, July 23, 2012

Pure Michigan!

I love nothing more than spending time as a family digging in the sand & staring at clear blue water.  We made a quick trip to the lake last weekend, and I thought that I'd share a few quick photos with you!

All photos were taken at Franfort Beach, MI

My kiddos are so fortunate.  They are the 5th generation of my family to enjoy summers in Michigan.  The clear water, white sand, cool breezes, and charming towns make it the perfect summer destination!

And today I'm back to the real world.  Tackling piles of laundry, cleaning, planning some food preservation, and dreaming up what to create with this.  

I'm thinking that a Lois Pearl giveaway may be in the near future!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grandma Ruby's Pickled Beets

I must admit, gardening was not my favorite activity when I was little.  I much preferred spending time with the livestock or playing on my swing set to spending endless hours weeding the garden.  I did, however, grow up with a healthy appetite for fruits and veggies, along with a huge appreciation for homegrown produce.

Now that I'm "all grown up" I love working in the garden.  We are so lucky that despite this year's drought, Grandpa Stewart's garden is more beautiful than ever.

One of our favorite garden treats is beets!  Don't underestimate this delicious veggie.  We love to eat them boiled.  Out other favorite method of prep?  Pickled of course!

Here are a few pictures from our recent Beet Day!

The Bug had a great time stuffing the jars.

And he couldn't help eating a few bites along the way!

Here's another great way to enjoy beets, a Beet & Goat Cheese Salad!

Boiled beets, cooled and sliced
Crumbled Goat Cheese
Chopped Walnuts
Balsamic Vinegar

Drizzle the balsamic over the beets and top with cheese & walnuts.  It's a great on it's own or atop a bet of fresh spring greens!

What's your favorite garden veggie?   We'll soon be working on canning tomatoes, green beans and pickles too!