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Monday, September 19, 2011

Boiler Up!

We might be a bit nutty about Purdue in my family.  I was brainwashed by my parents at an early age to root for the Boilers, and now I'm passing that tradition on to my children.  My great-grandfather started it all when he became a chemistry professor at Purdue.  My parents met while in college there, and my husband and I were college sweethearts at Purdue.

So, how does a Purdue-crazed family dress during football Saturdays?

It goes something like this.

Lots of silly smiles.  The Bug does a bit better by himself.

Of course I made Evy's adorable Purdue dress!  I really do love black and gold.  And how about these cute polka dot ruffle pants peaking out from her skirt?

It doesn't sound like our team is in for a stellar season, but at least we all look the part!

Boiler Up!

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  1. Love it, Erin! Your kids look adorable, too. Boiler up! is a way of life regardless of the football stats I think.