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Monday, January 23, 2012

Window Clings (Kids Craft!)

With all the snow falling outside last week, we were desperate for some crafty projects to keep little hands busy!

I found this great window cling idea just in time.

Wax paper
Puff paint for fabric

First we used a sharpie (well, mommy did) to draw designs onto our wax paper.

Then I let the kiddos go to town with puffy paint.  The Peanut chose sparkly silver, and The Bug's choice was glow-in-the-dark blue.  They promptly ignored most of my drawing guidelines and made lots of great blobs and squiggles instead.

I couldn't resist doing just one shape by myself!

We allowed our little blobs and squiggles to dry overnight, and then put them on our windows the next day.  The glow-in-the-dark paint was such a hit!

This would be a great snow day craft to keep on hand.  It was fairly quick, the kiddos had a great time, cleanup was easy, and the total project cost was less than $5!

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