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Friday, January 13, 2012

Craft it Forward!

We had a wonderful holiday season here in our home.  Lots of family time, and lots of giving.

I've decided that I don't see any reason why the giving needs to stop just because December 25th as come and gone.  I even have a little game, so that you all can keep the giving going too!

We'll call it....

Here's how it will work.

The first 3 people to leave a comment on this blog post will receive a one-of-a-kind handcrafted item made by me!  The only requirement, those three people then have to pass on 3 handcrafted items to 3 other lucky people!

Worried about what kinds of "crafts" you might be pass along?  No worries, it could be as simple as a homemade cookie, or a handwritten note!

How fun is this?  We'll be putting smiles on faces one crafty gift at a time!

If you choose to participate, I would love for you to share your Craft it Forward stories with me, so that I can share them on the blog!  Pictures are always terrific too!

Let's keep the giving going!  Remember, I need three great comments to get the ball rolling!


  1. I love this idea! And I love your suggestion for us non-crafters ;) I will be crafting forward something from the kitchen because as you know that's as crafty as I get.

  2. Does this count if you made a crafty for a friend last weekend?? I made another button tree for Keely!! I do want to participate!!! Count me in!

  3. Traci and Kelly you're in! We just need one more, but, if someone else comments too I'd hate to leave them out. Traci, Keely will love the button tree!

  4. I'd love to participate! Lovely idea erin!

  5. Aw...I'm too late for the 1st three but love the idea! As I'm cleaning out my closet and going through lots of crafts, I bet I can come up with something!

  6. Love this idea.............May steal it from you!!!!

  7. Shoot! I just got this email (5:41 pm) Not sure why it was so delayed but I can see I am not one of the three. Great idea though! Sarah b.