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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stitches and Sweets

Our week started off with a trip to the ER!  The Bug and his sister were helping me peel shallots for dinner.  He wiggled a bit too far to the left, fell right off his chair, and bonked his chin on the island counter.  OUCH!

Fortunately, we live just a short hop from the closest emergency room.  I packed up both kiddos and headed off.  One hour and four stitches later The Bug is good as new!

Sorry for the up the nose shot.  He felt so touch showing off his gash at school the next day!

While the doctor was sewing, The Bug had a great time telling the nurses all about his crafty escapades that day.  At the end of the visit, he got to take home a Spiderman coloring kit, and this.

Apparently when you are 4, and get 4 stitches you walk away with some pretty great loot!

This morning we decided to open up the ring making kit.  Hello sugar high!  Basically,  you put a piece of candy on a ring, cover it in icing, and then top it with sprinkles.  The kids loved it, and I ended up with loads of rainbow colored sprinkly balls all over the hardwood.

The Peanut preferred eating the sprinkles straight up!

Thanks to St. Vincent in Fishers for the amazing care we received!  
(I'll skip the sprinkles next time though!)

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