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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Padded Laptop Case

I was gearing up for a recent trip, and realized that I might need a padded laptop case.  I'm known for being a bit clumsy, and could just see myself clunking my poor innocent computer around.

After digging through my "scrap pile" I found two delightful Amy Butler prints to use. 

I used a small strip of velcro to hold it all together and sandwiched fusible fleece in between the layers for padding. This was honestly a super quick and easy project!

And, I'm happy to report that my darling laptop and I are now home once again, safe and sound.

Happy crafty!



  1. I saw you had this at the meeting - so cute!! I should have known you MADE it!!

  2. So Cute! I am really needing to learn how to better use my sewing machine. At the present moment, I'm simply obsessed with knitting! I do love all of Amy Butler's fabrics!