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Friday, March 11, 2011

Custom Order!

This week something super exciting happened in the world of Lois Pearl!  I recieved my very first custom order from someone who randomly found me on etsy!  I've had lots and lots of custom orders from word of mouth referrals and friends, but never from someone who had just happened upon my site!

She loved the springy skirts listed in my shop.  Her little darling likes to collect treasures, so we came up with a delightful little pocket in which she can hide her goodies.

This springy skirt will be making its way cross-country to Norfolk, VA today.

Did I mention how tiny this skirt is?  Just 9" from waist to hem.  It's just too cute!  And, I just love the yo-yo flower and funky button!

One of my big goals for this year is to give Lois Pearl more attention.  Sewing is absolutely my first love!

Happy crafty!

As I'm writing this some of you are probably wondering who in the world Lois Pearl is.  I'll make a mental note to follow up with a post explaining the name this weekend. 

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