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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Ultimate Knot Dress

Knot dresses are all the rage these days.  They go with everything....sandals, leggings, jeans, boots, t-shirts, & long sleeves.

We love them at our house.

The only issue, I have an almost 2 year old who likes to exert her independence just when I'm about to get the dress over her head!  She somehow always manages to wriggle away at the moment that I'm about to slip her little arm through the top.

What's a crafty mama to do?  Create a new pattern of course!

Meet, The Ultimate Knot Dress.

What makes this dress so special is that the back features rows of shearing.  This means getting dressed is so much easier!  No more early morning wrestling matches! (At least maybe not quite as many.)

The shirring allows the dress to fit for quite a bit longer too!  We all love when our kiddos can wear their favorite clothes just a bit longer!

Some of these dresses are starting to pop up in the shop.  They'll be appearing at crafty and trunk shows this fall too.

Have a color scheme in mind for your little ones?  Email me and we'll create a custom order just for you!

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