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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Goldfish Food

Did you know goldfish love algae?  When we were growing up on the farm, one of our favorite summer traditions was to put feeder goldfish in the horses' stock tank.

We were watching the farm while the grandfolks were at the Lake, and it was the perfect opportunity to introduce the kiddos to this tradition.

First, we stopped by PetSmart on our way and picked up 5 very brightly colored goldfish. 

The Bug had fun "making friends" with the fish on the drive.  We then put the bag of fish in the stock tank so that the water in the bag could become the same temperature as the water in the tank. 

While we waited for the water to warm up, The Bug helped himself to a drink from the farm hose.

And we visited with the latest barn kitty, who was quickly name "Tommy".

It was finally time to introduce the fishies to their new home.

Off they swam!  They'll grow big and fat through the summer, eating algae, small water insects, and larvae in the stock tank.  The kids have already had a great time checking up on their fishy friends!

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