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Friday, April 27, 2012

Girls Weekend!

My SIL, Jordan, and I decided that we were long overdue for a girls weekend.  Our idea of a big time?  Lock ourselves in the country, in a house that is 90% empty, and stitch away!

Jordan is just learning to sew.  She decided that an apron would be a great first big project.  After making a run to my parents' farm for dinner and digging through Nana's old aprons, we had a style that was perfect.

A few ripped stitches, and several rounds of rethreading her machine (we all do this) later, she had an original, beautiful, feminine apron!

Her fabric vintage inspired fabric choices were perfect for this style!  Don't you love the button detail at the neck?

She mastered so many techniques in just this one project!  
Top stitching
Button holes

How lucky am I that I have a beautiful SIL, who likes me enough to hang out in an empty house in the country sewing away?

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