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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where did the 80's go?

We had a crazy warm March here in Indiana, which today left us wondering, where did the 80 degree weather go?

The kids were beyond excited for a day at the zoo today.  Being the super-organizing mom that I am (insert extreme sarcasm here), I had their clothes laid out last night.  Lots of layers and warm stuff.

The Peanut had other ideas when she woke up this morning.  She found a stack of new Lois Pearl items that I had been working on last night, and promptly declared that this skirt was HERS!  She put it on over her fleece lined jeans and sported that happy twirly skirt all day.

I present to you....Evy Style!

Her look was part-tomboy, part sweet heart, and incredibly colorful, just like my Evy.

To top off our busy day of visiting with the animals, Miss Evy ended out trip with a delightful round of digging in the dirt.  She is totally her Mama's girl!

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