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Friday, June 22, 2012

An Update....finally!

Has it really been over a month (ok, a bit more than that even) since my last post?  If you are sticking with me and reading this thank you!

This past month has been a whirl-wind for us.

1 big move to the country
4 shows in 6 weeks (this is a ton for me!)
a family vacation
a CRAZY month!

The property that we moved to was built in 1963 by Dr. & Mrs. Jack Walker.  They raised a happy family 4 children here.  Now, we are so very blessed to have the opportunity to raise our little family in this beautiful place.

Here is the view from the house to the main road.  The drive is lined in gorgeous knarly Black Locusts.

The first order of business upon moving was for the men to assemble the new swing set, which overlooks the hill along the river.  The Bug & Hill did the project entirely on their own!

(a view down the hill to the river from the swingset)

My first order of business was ripping out the green outdoor carpet that lined the basement floor.  Yuck!  The poor trash man thankfully hauled it all away.  The floors & walls have all been bleached, and this is where my new studio now resides.  

(Hill, The Bug, and Grandma helped a bunch on this project too!)

Now I have a perfect sewing spot!  It's loaded with natural light from a large window and walkout door.  

The best part is, I get a view of this huge Burr Oak.

Hill & I both grew up in the country on farms, and are so excited to have the opportunity to raise our children that same way.  We're just country folk at heart!

I've been spending loads of time in my new "sweat shop" and I have been creating dozens of dresses for my recent shows.  The last in my series of 4 shows is this weekend!

Lois Pearl & Midtown Chic Boutique
Booth 135
Saturday & Sunday

If you are in the Fishers area come out and see us!  Lois Pearl will be sharing a booth with our great friend, Midtown Chic Boutique.  We'll be in booth 135 between the playground and food vendors on the south side!

We'll have great selection of goodies!
Ruffle pants
Hair bobbies
Crayon Rolls
Taggy Monsters & Blankets

Now that we're settled, I promise to stay in touch more regularly!   

Be sure to check in tomorrow for a giveaway!


  1. Thanks for posting some pics!! I have been dying to see! GORGEOUS VIEWS! LOVE.

  2. Thanks for posting! I can't wait to visit!