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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wreath Anyone?

I don't have just a ton of fall decorations.  I'm not really a cluttery type of person, and after owning 3 homes in 8 years, I'm not the biggest saver either.

I do however, love a good wreath....especially in the fall.  So, it was quite appropriate that we decided to create our own fall wreaths for our MOPS craft this week.

The best part about doing a large group craft is seeing the way everyone's personalities come out in their project.  I always remember when my 2 college roomies and I decided to take Flower Arranging 101 together our senior year.  Amy's arrangements were always full of pastels, Mer's were always tight and tidy, and mine were always full of vibrant colors and a bit wild.

I created 2 sample wreaths for our MOPS mommies to provide inspiration, and then let them go to town.  We had a fun table full of supplies, grapevine wreaths, mini pumpkins, wheat, twigs, several shades of burlap, and ribbon.  Here are my own creations.  Very simple, and a bit shabby chic.

I have a bit of a thing for burlap.  It reminds me of the old horse feed sacks that used to fill our tack room on the farm when I was little.

And here's a quick shot of our front porch these days.  Lots of lovely mums in burnt orange and plum, and some sweet little pumpkins chosen by E Lo.

What are your favorite fall decorations?

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