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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I Love Wednesday: Sofa Makeover

This is the first entry of a new series, What I Love Wednesday.  Each week I'll feature something that I love, and hope you will adore too!

We I first heard about Ugly Sofa I felt they were calling my name.  How did they know that I hated my ratty old couch and chair?

I still love the scale of the set, and the stuffing is in great condition.  The problem is that both our two and four legged kiddos have been so hard on the fabric, it's now pilling and shredding in places.  Not so cute.

Posting this picture has made me realize just how bad the fabric really looked!

Ugly Sofa provided the perfect solution.  Cute slipcovers at super reasonable prices.  Their website was easy to navigate, service was great, and shipping was very quick.

The best part....I have labels on my slipcovers from a much more expensive company (it might rhyme with Bottery Parn) and I paid a fraction of the cost!

After placing the slipcovers and tucking them in just right, I steamed them with my iron to get the extra wrinkles out.  I was pretty proud of the finished product.

So, if you are hiding a deep dark ugly sofa like I was, you no longer have to suffer.  Now to whip up some fun throw pillows!

All opinions expressed on this blog are mine alone.  I was in no way compensated by Ugly Sofa to make these statements. I simply assume that someone else out there is suffering from an ugly sofa like I was.