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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Homemade Rotel

It feels a bit like we're behaving like squirrels around here, storing up food for the winter!  After freezing enough applesauce to get us through the year, it was time to get to work on tomatoes!

My dad tried had a new variety of peppers in his garden this year, Anaheim Chilis.  They have a great smoky pepper taste.  Think a jalapeno but not quite as sharp.  We've been enjoying grilling them and using them as toppings for burgers.  I know when Janauary comes, I'll be craving a nice warm pepper.  So, why not try throwing a few in with our canned tomotoes?  Think homemade Rotel!

We started by washing our tomatoes.

And then blanching them in boiling water, just until the skins began to break open.

Once the skins break open, the tomatoes go straight into an ice bath to stop the cooking process.

The tomatoes are then peeled, hulled, and quartered before being packed into the jars along with the Annaheim Peppers.

Ignore the paint on Hillbilly's arms and hands.  He'd been painting fences at the county fairgrounds all day.

After the jars are packed, they go into the pressure cooker.  Just consult your pressure cooker instruction booklet for tomato canning times.

Later this week, I'll be sharing my favorite chili recipe.  Our tomatoes and peppers will be a perfect addition to this favorite crockpot recipe!

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  1. You amaze me. Half my days I'm lucky to have an entire outfit clean and decent at the same time ... and here you are raising two great children, crafting up a storm, and cooking into the future. You're awesome.