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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

While Daddy's Away...

...the kiddos will play!

Daddy is on a 14 day trip to India.  To help the short ones keep track of the number of days until he comes home (and to keep me from answering the question a zillion times), I came up with a little countdown.

Each notecard has an activity written on it.  The Bug loves tearing off his card each morning and finding out what the day's activity will be.  He then counts the remaining cards to see how many days it will be until Daddy comes home!

Here are a few of the "adventures" I listed:
Make a fort
Take a trip to the Children's Museum
Go for a nature hike on the farm
Create a pillow pile
Make a race car track around the house with masking tape
Bagel date
Mommy makeover (complete with lots of funky eye shadow and hair bows)
Bake something new and share it with a neighbor
Make flubber
Make homemade playdough
Decorate the house for when Daddy comes home

These cards, along with bathtub paint have been my sanity saver!  We may have to do this every time Daddy heads out of town.  It's great for that the kids have something to look forward to each day.

We also created cards for Daddy to open while he's away.  He has an envelope for each day, and inside the kids helped write one thing they love about him.

It's a sweet life when you have little ones to keep you on your toes!

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