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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday's Tutorial - A Taggy

When E Lo was born, Miss Posh Petunia herself sent a taggy blanket our way.  Evy loved the feel of the snuggly blanket.  Ever since, taggies are one of my favorite gifts to give for new babies.  They are quick and simple to make, can be changed up a million different ways, and are a GREAT beginner project.

Begin with the following:
1 piece 16x20" woven cotton fabric
1 piece 16x20" minky
10 6" pieces of ribbon, pick a fun variety

Fold each piece of ribbon in half and press lightly, to form a crease in the middle.

Place ribbon edges along the outside perimeter of the right side of the minky fabric, with the creases on the inside.

Place cotton fabric on top of your minky and ribbons, making sure that the right sides are together.  Pin in place. 

Stitch around the outside perimeter using a straight stitch.  Leave a 5" gap in the seam on one side. 

After stitching along the outside of your blanket, trim the excess fabric from the corners.

Turn your blanket right side out.  Use a turning tool to be sure that the corners are nice and pointy.  Press so that the outside seams lay flat.  Use pins to close the 5" opening, taking care that the raw edges are folded in and not exposed.

Next, topstitch around the outside of your blanket.  This will close your opening that was used for turning.  You can use a simple straight stitch, or get creative.  Most sewing machines have many fun stitches to choose from these days.  Just be sure to try out your chosen decorative stitch on a scrap before using it on your blanket.

I chose a cute wavy stitch for my blankie.

Now it's time to wrap your finished handmade gift for a special little person!  These are also really fun doll blankets!

Happy stitching!


  1. I've seen a lot of taggy things when shopping for baby gifts. Seems to be a fairly recent development - I don't remember them being around when we were kids.


  2. Your taggy cloth is so cute. I love it!