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Monday, April 11, 2011

Tuesday's Tute - Button Up Curtains

I have a sweet new nephew, and he needed a sweet curtain to go in his new room!  This design is so simple, easy to create, and very inexpensive!

Supplies Needed:
1 - 1x2" board, cut to the window width measurement plus 6"
      (prep the board by drilling 2 holes for your mounting screws)
Approximately 1 yd main fabric
Approximately 1 yd coordinating back fabric
2 buttons
staple gun & staples

Step 1:  Measure the width of your window and the desired depth of the finished curtain.

Step 2.  Add 7" to your total width.  This will allow for a 1/2" seam allowance and an overlap of 3" on either side of the window.  This total is the length of your fabric cut.  Next, add 4.5" to your depth.  This will allow for a 1/2" seam allowance, plus 3.5" of fabric to wrap around your mounting board.  This total is the length of your fabric cut.

Step 3:  Use your width and length totals to cut both main and coordinating back fabrics to the desired size.

Step 4:  Mark the center of your fabric's width.  Cut a line 14" up along the fabric center.  This will create the split in the middle of your valance.

Step 5:  Pin fabric with right sides together.  Stich around the sides, bottom, and split of the valance, using a 1/2" seam allowance.

Step 6:  Trim excess fabric from the corners, and turn the valance right side out.  Use a turning tool to push the corners out for nice crisp edges.  Press all seams.

Step 7:  Pull back the bottom corners of the split.  Mark buttom placement.  And stitch buttons in place.

Step 8:  Stitch button holes in place.

Hint:  After stitching button holes in place, use a seam ripper to gently open the interior of the hole.  Then, use a small pair of scissors to carefully cut the remainder of the hold and trim excess threads.  Take care not to snip your stitching.

Step 9:   Wrap the top raw edge of your valance around the mounting board.  Use a staple gun to secure in place. 

Step 10:  Mount you valance on the wall by inserting screws through your mounting board, on the underside of your valance. 

Now enjoy your beautiful one-of-a-kind window treatment!

Happy crafty!

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