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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Kitchen Reveal....finally!

It's been a whirlwind 10 months for our family.  Last Spring, we made the decision to move to my hometown.  There was a beautiful country property adjacent to my parent's farm that we had the opportunity to buy.  Hill and I have always said that our ideal home would be a ranch, with a walkout, in the country.  Well....we got it!

We spent the summer working on the outside and after much planning....and replanning finally started remodeling the interior in October.  Between kids, construction, and Lois Pearl I just haven't had time to blog about what we've been doing.  Over the next couple of weeks I'll try to bring you up to speed!

First, we'll start with the kitchen.  Here is what it looked like when the previous owner was still living in our home.

It was a "U" shaped galley style kitchen.  Traffic in the home came in the back door and right through the main kitchen area.

The kitchen flowed into the Hearth Room and had an adjacent eating area.  The back wall of the Hearth room had a bank of 3 large closets...and lots of paneling.

Here is the kitchen now, taken from the same vantage point.

The wall that had been on the right just beyond the island was removed, along with a portion of the hallway ceiling.  We now have a nice, open living concept.  Perfect for entertaining!

I love that the microwave is hidden down low.  Now the kids can make their own popcorn!

 It's amazing what a difference removing the paneling and painting the ceiling, walls, and trim has made!

*Note the sleepy Weimie in the picture.  Spoiled??

We owe a huge "Thank You" to Gary West at Great Kitchen and Baths in Muncie, IN for designing such a great family space for us.  

It feels great to be in our "forever" home!


  1. Holy cow, Erin! It's AMAZING! That should be "pinned" on Pinterest and in a layout of Midwest Living! LOVE IT!

  2. It turned out great erin! I will need more details over drinks in Mexico...we need to start on "the big remodel" around here soon!

  3. Beautiful!What an amazing difference!