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Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Life Changing Crafty Accessory

I love ruffles, but have never been a fan of the baste, gather, even out the ruffles, gather some more technique.  If you are sew, then you know how tedious this can be.  If you aren't, trust me, TEDIOUS!

Thankfully when I purchased my new sewing machine the sales ladies knew just what I needed. 

Any guesses?

A ruffle foot! 

Here's a shot of it in action. 

It ruffles your fabric for you by making tucks as it stiches, elimating all the tedium of basting and gathering.

With it, you can whip up a sweet little pair of boutique pants in no time.  I even made these in knit, so no need to finish the seams.  From cut to finish, they took less than 30 minutes with the help of my new little friend.

Now for a funky shirt to go with them.  I'm thinking these pants paired with a peasant top would be the perfect party outfit for Miss E Lo.

Happy Ruffling!

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