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Monday, September 6, 2010

And the award goes too....

My family spent the last week in Frankfort, MI as part of our annual Mellon Family Reunion.  My great grandfather built a cottage, named The Mellon Patch,  in the area, and we have all been heading North ever since.  During this week in late summer, we always hold the much anticipated family golf that is!

Last year, Hillbilly brought home top prize and had the honor of having his name engraved on our travelling trophy (we take this very seriously).  This year, I set my sights on bringing home the award for best dressed.

A few hours of brainstorming, a quick trip to Walmart, and a couple of minutes with the computer, printer, and a hot iron, and here is the result!

Meet "The Eagle Has Landed", Bogie (Wo)Man, Par-Tee, and Little Birdie

Aren't they fun?  This fusible fabric can be found in the craft section!  Just print, cut, iron and go!  Quick tip:  I zig-zag stitched around mine to make sure they would hold up to my 2 year old.

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